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Original anime team from Taiwan

Hello, nice to meet you at Comic Studio. We are a new anime production team from Taiwan where we grow up.
It is our ultimate goal to make our hometown known to more people.
We are keen in developing our anime IP business, and board games are just the first step.

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Tea Girls


Tea is personified to represent different kinds of girls. The story depicts the friendship between the tea girls,
their persistence to revive their ethnic group, and determination to find the truth. The fantastic and interesting worldview,
coupled with the magical, realistic, family, and friendship plots, makes every episode much to be looked forward to.

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Landmark Girls


The story is a series of fervent battles and riddle solving processes by a group of girl friends,
intertwined with location-specific customs and traditions, giving readers a both realistic and imaginary feeling.
The cute and passionate girls are in sharp contrast to the handsome but callous villain and the selfless but fragile prime leader.
Let’s see how the girls press ahead on the path of justice with the support and encouragement of their friends and families.

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All our stories begin with this idea, but the “Famigirls” project is the last to be executed.
It is a story about agriculture, fishery, and their products.